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Cellular Trail Cameras

Trail cameras that send pictures to your phone cellular trail cameras utilize cell towers to take and send pictures directly to your phone or email. The below models are all capable of this. Each trail cam that sends pics to your phone will need it's own cellular plan with the intended provider. That means, if you have 3 cellular game cameras, each one will have a separate monthly plan (or sim card). You can't add multiple cameras to a single plan.

Looking for trail cameras that send pictures to your phone?  You have come to the right place to purchase a cellular game camera.  You can read reviews to help you find the best wireless trail camera for your specific situation. We have wildlife and security cameras. If using for security, check out our article on How to Catch a Thief.

One requirement for a cellular game camera is a minimum of 3 bars of reception in the area you plan to position your camera.  A common misconception among consumers is your new cellular trail camera must operate on the same cellular network as your current cell phone.  This is not true.  Cellular game camera plans are currently available through AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular whether or not you currently use their service.

Read all of our cellular trail camera reviews to help pick the right cellular trail camera for your scenario.

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