When can I submit a picture?
     Submission is Closed.

When is voting?
    Voting is over.

What do the winners get?
    All the prizes are listed below.

How do I submit a picture?
     Submissions deadline has passed.


Grand Prize Winner:  William Draughon, Wisconsin


Trailcampro.com Photo Contest Rules (Website Only): 

  • Send your picture to photocontest@trailcampro.com or just reply to this email.  Your picture MUST have everything included below. 
  • Photo must be time-stamped from July 2015 to present day
  • Can't be a photo from last years Trailcampro contest. 
  • Picture must be from a trail camera.
  • Wildlife pictures only, no people or cars.
  • Please, no vulgar pictures. 
  • Limit of 1 picture allowed, per person/email address, for the contest. 
  • All photos must be submitted in their original, full resolution unaltered form.  Download the original photo as it was saved on the SD card.  Do not re-size photo.  Any altered photo will not be accepted. 
  • Owners of all submitted photos give Trailcampro permission to use photos for publication.
  • Anyone is eligible to cast a vote for the winning photo.  Limit one vote per person.
  • Deadline for submitting photos is August 1st, 2015.
  • Voting will start shortly after all submissions are entered.

Please note: Your email MUST include:

  • Your unaltered picture (as an attachment to the email)
  • Your First Name and Last Name
  • State or Country (if out of U.S.) picture was taken in 
  • Phone number (for us to call the winner)
  • The camera used to take the picture 
  • You can include anything else you like, but these are the things we need for sure.  If you send multiple pictures, just indicate which picture you'd like to submit for the contest.
  • If anything is not included in the email, your photo will NOT be submitted until you send the proper information.

Want More Chances to Win?
If you want even more chances to win, we are holding separate contests on our social media sites!

To enter a photo on any of these, follow these simple rules:

  1. Like/follow our page (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram)
  2. Upload your trail camera photo and add #TrailcamproPhotoContest to the photo description
  3. The picture must be from a trail camera, of an animal. No people pictures.
  4. Get your friends to retweet/like/favorite your pictures

The winner of the social media contests will simply be the photo with the most retweets or likes. You will be able to look at all the photos that are entering the social media contest by clicking on the #TrailcamproPhotoContest in the picture descriptions. The winners will select from the prizes above.

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can submit to the social media contests. With several categories, the contest is no longer limited to just deer pictures.


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