2018 Trail Camera Photo Contest

Photo contest is over. We plan on starting our video contest sometime this Fall.

Grand Prize Winner

102. Steven Bertone, Florida

2018 Photo Contest Prizes

After some deliberation, we decided to switch up the prizes this year. Instead of giving away predetermined trail cameras to the winners, we are giving away TCP points. We are doing this so the winners can pick their own prizes and get any camera or accessory they want!

 Find out more about TCP Points and our Rewards Program.

Grand Prize Winner

All winners will be selected by a vote from the Trailcampro Staff. We will be judging based on picture quality, camera setup, and the uniqueness of the animal behavior displayed. The Grand Prize Winner will receive:

40,000 TCP Points ($400 value)

Automatic inclusion in the Gold Tier, which includes:

  • Free 2 Day Shipping on future orders
  • 50% off batteries
  • Accumulate 3 TCP points for every $1 spent on future orders


Category Winners

The Category Prize Winners will receive:

20,000 TCP Points ($200 value)

Automatic inclusion in the Gold Tier, which includes:

  • Free 2 Day Shipping on future orders
  • 50% off batteries
  • Accumulate 3 TCP points for every $1 spent on future orders



Deer Category Winner

62. Jason Lucas, Michigan

2018 Deer Pictures

Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500
1. Jeremy Payne, Pennsylvania (Browning) 2. Andrew Petersen, Montana (Reconyx) 3. Randy Lovell, New York (Browning)
4. Tony Naylor, Illinois (Reconyx) 5. John Castaneda, Virginia (Bushnell) 6. Victor Kulynycz, Maryland (Browning)
7. Sherry Freber, California (Browning) 8. Rick Bonner, Virginia (Bushnell) 9. Mitch Sanders (Browning)
10. Louis Rosko, Georgia (Browning) 11. Katie Dalke, Wisconsin (Browning) 12. Josh Johnson, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam)
13. Joe Boudreau, North Carolina (Browning) 14. Francis Eatherington, Oregon (Bushnell) 15. Delmar Ritter, Pennsylvania (Browning)
16. Dave Black, Virginia (Bushnell) 17. Charles Davis, Texas (Bushnell) 18. Bill Maerkle, South Carolina (Browning)
19. Andre Raber (Wildgame) 20. Tye Burleigh, Ohio (Browning) 21. Ray Boucher, Ontario (Browning)
22. Olivier Dumont, Quebec (Spypoint) 23. Michael Thompson, West Virginia (Moultrie) 24. Mark Rocheleau, New Hampshire (Moultrie)
25. Lowell Scott, Kentucky (Moultrie) 26. John Scott, Ontario (Reconyx) 27. Charles Crowe, Ohio (Covert)
28. Stephanie Thomas, New Jersey (Stealth Cam) 29. Shawn Bryde, Pennsylvania (Spypoint) 30. Scott Jandrin, Wisconsin (Browning)
31. Roger Quesenberry, Missouri (Browning) 32. Phil Rable, West Virginia (Browning) 33. Phillip Erskine, South Carolina (Wildgame)
34. Pete Evanoff, Pennsylvania (Moultrie) 35. Mark Shumate, Ohio (Bushnell) 36. Larry Margelofsky, Wisconsin (Browning)
37. Kyle Gould, New Jersey (Covert) 38. Jeff Church, Kentucky (Moultrie) 39. Gordon Spangenberg, New York (Bushnell)
40. Dustin Lakies, Michigan (Stealth Cam) 41. Doris Altherr, Maine (Moultrie) 42. Chris Lenauer, Missouri (Browning)
43. Carl Lutz, Illinois (Browning) 44. Brandon Borst, Michigan (Browning) 45. Bob Knepper, Pennsylvania (Browning)
46. Ben Carpenter, Missouri (Covert) 47. Alex Owens, Illinois (Wildgame) 48. Tab Bommarito, Arizona (Reconyx)
49. David Tostenson, Minnesota (Covert) 50. Ross Scott, Ontario (Wildview) 51. Ron Smith, South Carolina (Browning)
52. Andy Heise, Iowa (Spypoint) 53. Thomas Mattis, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 54. Peggy Bowen, Virginia (Browning)
55. Henry Dill, Texas (Bushnell) 56. Jacob Nieviera, Massachusetts (Bushnell) 57. Gene Wensel, Iowa (Browning)
58. Norm Phillips, California (Moultrie) 59. Mary Knoble (Cuddeback) 60. Josh Farnsworth, Indiana (Bushnell)
61. John Castaneda, Virginia (Bushnell) 62. Jason Lucas, Michigan (Primos) 63. Jarvis Kaderlink, North Dakota (Bushnell)
64. Gabe Gray, Missouri (Browning) 65. Caleb Siniard, North Carolina (Wildgame) 66. Ben Nuckolls, California (Cabela's)
67. Alex Burnside, Wisconsin (Cuddeback) 68. Nicholas Drinkwater, Tennessee (Stealth Cam) 69. Kendall Reinmann, Illinois (Primos)
70. Ron McGahee, South Carolina (Wildgame) 71. Evelyn Yoho, Florida (Browning) 72. barry Wensel, Iowa (Browning)
73. Eugene Goos, Iowa (Reconyx) 74. Paul Shamblin, Oklahoma (Stealth Cam) 75. Benjamin Hein, Wisconsin (Wildgame)
76. Johnny Smith, Kansas (Reconyx) 77. Derek Tupper, Montana (Bushnell) 78. James Maples (Moultrie)
79. Ty Wilmsmeyer, Missouri (Moultrie) 80. Troy Jones, North Carolina (Browning) 81. Tracy Childs (Covert)
82. Tony Hough, Iowa (Spypoint) 83. Tommy Marchant, Virginia (Browning) 84. Tim Rinehart, Minnesota (HCO)
85. Terry Semke, Iowa (Browning) 86. Steve Plantz, Minnesota (Bushnell) 87. Stephen Casey, Ohio (Bushnell)
88. Shannon Barber-Meye, Minnesota (Reconyx) 89. Shane Hlushak, Canada (Browning) 90. Scott Verrall, New York (Reconyx)
91. Roy Williams, Ohio (Browning) 92. Ron White, New Hampshire (Cuddeback) 93. Robert Orth, Idaho (Browning)
94. Phil Baxter, Texas (Browning) 95. Patrick Hill, Texas (Browning) 96. Nicolaus Hall, Kentucky (Browning)
97. Michael Thompson, West Virginia (Browning) Anonymous (Browning) 99. Matt Hanneken, Minnesota (Browning)
100. Kelli Crum, Florida (Browning) 101. Linda Bodard, Missouri (Browning) 102. Leo Berube, Massachussetts (Browning)
103. Laurie Henry, Oregon (Browning) 104. Lauren Trainor, Michigan (Cabela's) 105. Kathy Krause, Pennsylvania (Browning)
79. Ty Wilmsmeyer, Missouri (Browning) 80. Troy Jones, North Carolina (Browning) 81. Tracy Childs (Browning)
109. Jade Baker, Iowa (Spypoint) 110. Gabe Allsup, Iowa (Browning) 111. Douglas Stewart, Minnesota (Bushnell)
112. Derek Malcore, Wisconsin (Covert) 113. Dave Masterson, Washington (Bushnell) 114. Bill Reynolds, Kentucky (Browning)
115. Alan Brauer, Illinois (Bushnell) 116. Mark Blumhoefer, Missouri (Browning) 117. Logan Herbst, Oklahoma (Browning)
118. Allison Kirk Lowe, Missouri (Moultrie) 119. Katie Blank, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 120. Joshua Beaman, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam)
121. John Vargo, Iowa (Browning) 122. John Rosenstock, Illinois (Cuddeback) 123. John Duffy, South Dakota (Browning)
124. Joe Piston, Alaska (Bushnell) 125. Jimmy Grimes, Virginia (Moultrie) 126. Jim LaRue, Minnesota (Moultrie)
127. Jeff Miller, Pennsylvania (Reconyx) 128. Harry Blank (Wildgame) 129. Guy Molinari, California (Bushnell)
130. Elliot David, Canada (Browning) 131. Dennis Money, New York (Browning) 132. David Pegram, North Carolina (Bushnell)
133. Chad Manlove, Mississippi (Browning) 134. Brian Lamb, Kentucky (Reconyx) 135. Brandon Baker, Kansas (Browning)
136. Brad Woloszyk, Wisconsin (Muddy) 137. Brad Babinski, Florida (Browning) 138. Amellia Johnson, Wisconsin (Primos)
139. Joe Blackwell, Virginia (Browning) 140. William Green, Pennsylvania (HCO) 141. Tyson Cannon, Utah (Stealth Cam)
142. Tom Fitzgerald, Iowa (Bushnell) 143. Thomas Gore (Browning) 144. Thomas Bates, Florida (Spypoint)
145. Ted Chritz, Michigan (Moultrie) 146. Taylor Bolin, Ohio (Browning) 147. Steve Foreman, Indiana (Bushnell)
148. Steve DeGrazio, New York (Bushnell) 149. Scott Leblanc, Massachusetts (Browning) 150. Robert Long, Arizon (Browning)
151. Richard Coffield-Bluffton, South Carolina (Browning) 152. Paul Traynor, Iowa (Browning) 153. Nicole Jarman, Missouri (Wildgame)
154. Mike Hamlett, Kentucky (Browning) 155. Michael Hill, South Carolina (Stealth Cam) 156. Michael Bowling, Kansas (Browning)
157. Max Schwenk, Nebraska (Muddy) 158. Matthew Pudenz, Iowa (Exodus) 159. Matthew Price, Virginia (Wildgame)
160. Matthew Lang, Wisconsin (Cuddeback) 161. Marcus Kirchoff, Wisconsin (Spypoint) 162. Luke Schwent, Missouri (Browning)
163. Lisa Blumhoeker, Missouri (Browning) 164. Lenny Lentz, Maryland (Browning) 165. Kyle Cross, Indiana (Wildgame)
166. Kathy Davis, Oregon (Stealth Cam) 167. Joe Miehe, Georgia (Cuddeback) 168. Jay Power, California (Reconyx)
169. George Parris (Browning) 170. Gary Van Der Linden, New York (Browning) 171. Gary Edwards, Minnesota (Bushnell)
172. Doug Boggs, Ohio (Browning) 173. Darrin Holder, Kentucky (Browning) 174. Charlie Shinert, Pennsylvania (Moultrie)
175. Alessio Caccia, Switzerland (Primos) 176. Aaron Woodard, Kansas (Browning) 177. Aaron Brandt, Missouri (Reconyx)
178. Zac Hartman, Pennsylvania (Browning) 179. William Stevenson, Pennsylvania (Stealth Cam) ()


US & Canada Category Winner

67. Brenen Helgesen, Colorado

2018 US & Canada Pictures

Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500
1. Jim Gates, Wyoming (Bushnell) 2. Herb Labus, Tennessee (Browning) 3. Todd Langlais, Rhode Island (Moultrie)
4. Rex Featherlin, Illinois (Bushnell) 5. Paul Praedel, Michigan (Moultrie) 6. Jake Drew, Wisconsin (Covert)
7. Ted McKenna, New Jersey (Reconyx) 8. Susan Lapham, California (Bushnell) 9. Scott Walker, Montana (Browning)
10. Ryan Wietry, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 11. Rod Brown, New York (Bushnell) 12. Penny McGowan, Florida (Wildgame)
13. Tom Greer, Michigan (Reconyx) 14. Mox Gunderson, Minnesota (HCO) 15. Mike Shaw, Idaho (Browning)
16. Mike Ondo (Browning) 17. Matt Holbert, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 18. Martin Watts, Tennessee (Bushnell)
19. Lloyd Peterson, New York (Stealth Cam) 20. Larry Lee, Kansas (Bushnell) 21. Josh Dalke, Wisconsin (Browning)
22. Jessie Polatty, South Carolina (Browning) 23. Jeremy Stallworth, Texas (Bushnell) 24. Jennifer Korn, Florida (HCO)
25. Jason Andes, California (Browning) 26. Grant Strunk (Browning) 27. Larry Hammond, Oregon (Reconyx)
28. Doug Tims, Idaho (Browning) 29. Derick Harrington, Tennessee (Browning) 30. David Thiesfeld, Oregon (Wildgame)
31. David Ferrese, Virginia (Browning) 32. Dan Lorenz, Arizona (Browning) 33. Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania (Primos)
34. Bud Syme, Utah (Stealth Cam) 35. Bruce Krtek, California (Browning) 36. Ella Reynolds (Browning)
37. Carla Epperson (Spypoint) 38. Tom McGaughy, Texas (Browning) 39. Spenser Mayhew, Montana (Wildgame)
40. Shaun Sullivan, Michigan (Moultrie) 41. Sean Bowman, North Carolina (Bushnell) 42. Sarah Honadel, Idaho (Browning)
43. Rodney Sullivan, Florida (Spypoint) 44. Paul LaFrance, Rhode Island (Browning) 45. Molly Hardesty-Moore, California (Bushnell)
46. Melinda Gutierrez, New Mexico (Bushnell) 47. Matt DeGolyer, Indiana (Browning) 48. Larry Larson, Oregon (Browning)
49. Larry Burdick, Michigan (Cuddeback) 50. Kimberly Pravda, New Mexico (Reconyx) 51. Kevin Dunbar, Colorado (Browning)
52. John Brock, Pennsylvania (Browning) 53. Joe Kulig, Washington (Browning) 54. Jason Stetser, New Jersey (Stealth Cam)
55. Frank Thompson, Vermont (Browning) 56. Dennis Degand, Kansas (Reconyx) 57. David Dickinson, California (Browning)
58. Dave Miller, Wisconsin (Primos) 59. Darren Rhea, Wyoming (Spypoint) 60. Craig Lundberg, Minnesota (Browning)
61. Alan Gilkerson, Washington (Browning) 62. Tracy Earl, South Carolina (Moultrie) 63. Tim Carlson, Pennsylvania (Moultrie)
64. Joshua White, Michigan (Reconyx) 65. Jane Elliott, Wyoming (Bushnell) 66. Carole Bell, California (Bushnell)
67. Brenen Helgesen, Colorado (Moultrie) 68. Wayne Poole, South Carolina (Browning) 69. Ross Bockbrader, New Jersey (Bushnell)
70. Keith Henderson, New York (Bushnell) 71. Larry Herwick, Colorado (Simmons) 72. Theresa Groman, New York (Reconyx)
73. Suzanne Dickerson, Colorado () 74. Steve Adams, North Carolina (Browning) 75. Scott Feagan, Texas (Moultrie)
76. Ron Krause, Pennsylvania (Reconyx) 77. Robert Cheatham, Georgia (Browning) 78. Nick Evert, Michigan (Bushnell)
79. Mary Johnson, Kansas () 80. Josh Judd, Washington (Moultrie) 81. John Koyen, Pennsylvania (Browning)
82. Jim Morelly, Massachusetts (Browning) 83. Jerry Rowlette, Arizona (Cuddeback) 84. Jeff Harnden, Missouri (Browning)
85. Gregg Simmonsen, Pennsylvania (Spypoint) 86. Ginny Buschke, Wisconsin (Moultrie) 87. Garth Crawford, California (Reconyx)
88. Don Gibbons, Pennsylvania (Browning) 89. David Peitz, Missouri (Moultrie) 90. Daniel McKenzie, North Dakota (Wildgame)
91. Craig Kavajecz, Wisconsin (Scoutguard) 92. Brad Silver (Browning) 93. Bob Steckling, Minnesota (Primos)
94. Adam Donnelly, Vermont (Primos) 95. Calvin Davis, Oregon (Browning) 96. Roland Kays, Montana (Reconyx)
97. Douglas Reed, Michigan (Browning) 98. Tommie Thomas, Louisiana (Moultrie) 99. Thomas Scronce, North Carolina (Moultrie)
100. Susan Hansen, Oregon (Browning) 101. Steve Smith, Mississippi (Bushnell) 102. Steven Bertone, Florida (Reconyx)
103. Stephanie Daoust, British Columbia (Stealth Cam) 104. Stan Lewis, Colorado (Moultrie) 105. Ron Krause, Pennsylvania (Reconyx)
106. Robert Lundberg, Minnesota (Primos) 107. Robert Deal, North Carolina (Bushnell) 108. Robert Daoust, British Columbia (Moultrie)
109. Reed Bumgarner, Colorado (Browning) 110. Philip Boynton, Washington (Stealth Cam) 111. Pete Bourgeois, Wisconsin (Browning)
112. Peggy Cannon, New York (Bushnell) 113. Pauline Lister, Canada (Browning) 114. Pat Boyer, Wyoming (Browning)
115. Nicholas Saraniti, Florida (HCO) 116. Mike Johnson, Wisconsin (Browning) 117. Michael Peace, Georgia (HCO)
118. Michael Park, South Carolina (Browning) 119. Michael Blott, California (Browning) 120. Marc Andre Beaucher, British Columbia (Bushnell)
121. Lisa Blackwell, Virginia (Browning) 122. Lee Smith, Florida (Bushnell) 123. Kris Myers, Ohio (Browning)
124. Kevin Sarvela, Kentucky (Primos) 125. Kerry Clouthier, Ontario (Stealth Cam) 126. John Sims, Florida (Browning)
127. John Matherne, Louisiana (HCO) 128. Jim Simila, Oregon (Browning) 129. Jason Brunsvold, Iowa (Browning)
130. Jarrod Love, Ohio (Reconyx) 131. Jan Bedord, Missouri (Spypoint) 132. Jake Holbert, Pennsylvania (Browning)
133. Jake Blank, Pennsylvania (Cuddeback) 134. Jacob Mattila, Minnesota (Bushnell) 135. Gretchen Roman, Idaho (Browning)
136. Gary Merkel, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam) 137. ernest Kelley, Georgia (Browning) 138. Donna Lascaleia, Vermont (Bushnell)
139. David Neils, Colorado (Browning) 140. David Green, Oregon (Bushnell) 141. David Arthur, Canada ()
142. Danny Cox, Mississippi (Bushnell) 143. Dan Crowley, Georgia (Bushnell) 144. Dan Churchill, British Columbia (HCO)
145. Craig Taylor (Browning) 146. Craig Kurey, Wisconsin (Browning) 147. Chris Thompson, Minnesota (Browning)
148. Christena Stephens, Texas (Reconyx) 149. Chris Clawson, Texas (Stealth Cam) 150. Charles Fritsch, Washington (Bushnell)
151. Bud Zuberer (HCO) 152. Bryn Evans, Maine (Bushnell) 153. Braydon Anderson, Utah (Bushnell)
154. Brad Lister, Canada (Browning) 155. Andrew Bullock, Georgia (Cabela's) 156. Amy Mayer, Rhode Island (Bushnell)
157. Albert Parten, Texas (Moultrie) 158. Aaron Croft, Washington (Browning) 159. WW Walley, Mississippi (Bushnell)
160. Tucker Pence, Oregon (Primos) 161. Tucker Money, Massachusetts (Reconyx) 162. Tom Mortenson, Florida (Moultrie)
163. Scott Reinmann, Illinois (Spypoint) 164. Ronald Talbott, West Virginia 165. Rod Hoard, Missouri (Moultrie)
166. Robert Ramsey, Pennsylvania (Moultrie) 167. Paul Key, North Carolina (Bushnell) 168. Patrick Wegeler, New Jersey (Browning)
169. Michele Reinwald, Wisconsin (Browning) 170. Keith Lehto, Michigan (Browning) 171. Kathleen Trodglen, British Columbia (Browning)
172. Jody Weyandt, Pennsylvania (Bushnell) 173. Jeremy Elrod, Georgia (Spypoint) 174. Jason Craig, Colorado (Browning)
175. Jamie McQuaid, New Jersey (Bushnell) 176. Jack Clark, California (Browning) 177. Irene Berube, Massachusetts (Browning)
178. Grant Canova Parker, California (Reconyx) 179. Emmanuel De Guzman, Australia (Browning) 180. Chris Woods, Wisconsin (Stealth Cam)
181. Chris Hansen, Montana (Reconyx) 182. Byron Burwell, Ohio (Stealth) 183. Biff Armstrong, West Virginia (Bushnell)
184. Betsy Newsome, Virginia (Browning) 185. Anthony Branscum (Moultrie) 186. Wade Allen (Bushnell)
187. Travis Holderman, Kansas (Moultrie) 188. Shawn Herron, Ohio (Stealth Cam) 189. Mark Ristau, Wyoming (Primos)
190. George Lenell, Colorado (Browning)

International Category Winner

16. Esteban Hernández San Román, Spain

2018 International Camera Trap Pictures

Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500 Reconyx HC500
1. Bruno Brack, Paraguay (Scoutguard) 2. Andre Eksteen, South Africa (Ltl Acorn) 3. Stratton Hatfield, Kenya (Bushnell)
4. Gabriel Massocato, Brazil (Reconyx) 5. Franck Fumex, France (Browning) 6. Braam Papenfus, South Africa (Browning)
7. Joeri Zwerts, Cameroon (Bushnell) 8. Rob Davis, Malawi (Cuddeback) 9. Abraham Papenfus, South Africa (Browning)
10. Cecil Papenfus, South Africa (Browning) 11. Amanda Harwood, Malawi (Cuddeback) 12. Simon Thomsett, Kenya (Bushnell)
13. Ralph Buij, Kenya (Bushnell) 14. Kjell Sarre, Norway (Browning) 15. Fernando Perez, Mexico (Bushnell)
16. Esteban Hernández San Román, Spain (Browning) 17. Chau Huynh, France () 18.Dave Edwards, New Zealand (Moultrie)
19. Darin Kerr, South Africa (Browning) 20. Brad Orszaczki, Australia () 21. Spanner Van Zyl, South Africa (Bushnell)
22. Cesar Ortiz Gutierrex, Spain (Bushnell) 23. Miquel Baro Catafau, Spain (Browning) 24. Mike Van Zyl, South Africa (Bushnell)
25. Matteo Zeni, Italy (Reconyx) 26. Massimo Vattorazzi, Italy (Reconyx) 27. Lizel Eksteen, South Africa
28. Lester Alexander, Brazil (Reconyx) 29.Lemaire Marine, France (Reconyx) 30. Emmanuel De Guzman, Australia (Browning)
31. Breno Campelo Lima, Brazil (Browning) 32. Tadeu De Oliveira, Brazil (HCO) 33. Jake Van Zyl, South Africa (Trailhawk)
33. Nishant Srinivasaiah, India (HCO)