Thanks to everyone for playing the weekly photo contest contest in 2019. We will not be continuing the contest into 2020. 

Final Photo (From December of 2019)

Contest is over, hope you have enjoyed it!

Raw Photo Quadrant Photo
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Weekly Leaderboard

Week 1 Winner: Tim W., Wisconsin

Week 2 Winner: Daniel M., Montana

Week 3 Winner: Jason K., Wisconsin

Week 4 Winner: Derek J., Kansas

Week 5 Winner: Matt C., Pennsylvania

Week 6 Winner: David M., Canada

Week 7 Winner: Brandon B, Michigan

Week 8 Winner: Alessio C., Switzerland

Week 9 Winner: Christopher H., Montana

Week 10 Winner: Jaci K., Michigan

Week 11 Winner: Caleb L., Mississippi

Week 12 Winner: Derek N., Michigan

Week 13 Winner: Trapper M., Minnesota

Week 14 Winner: Travis, B., Pennsylvania

Week 15 Winner: Tyler N., Virginia

Week 16 Winner: Paige M. 

Week 17 Winner: Petros C.

Week 18 Winner: Tyler S., Wisconsin 

Week 19 Winner: James A., Mississippi

Week 20 Winner: Tim C., Minnesota

Week 21 Winner: James P., Texas

Week 22 Winner: Mike M., Indiana

Week 23 Winner: James A., Iowa

Week 24 Winner: Cherie H., Texas

Week 25 Winner: Pete V.,  Wisconsin

Week 26 Winner: Kathleen K., Pennsylvania

Week 27 Winner: George H.

Week 28 Winner: Ronald K., Pennsylvania