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Plotwatcher Pro

This camera is discontinued and Plotwatch the company has gone out of business, unfortunately. For customers looking for the Plotwatcher software, we do not have a digital or CD copy and do not know where you could even get one. We apologize for the inconvenience.


We were able to find the software online you can download it here.  


Quick Overview

Camera for Time Lapse only

This is a time lapse only trailcam.  It does not detect motion, but rather takes pictures at time intervals that you pre-set.  It has excellent software capabilities, but no nighttime ability.  Still, if you need a time lapse camera, this is the best one.  - TCP Staff

Read our full review below.

Read our Full Review Below

Plotwatcher Pro Review

Model # plotpro  |  Plotwatcher Pro Owner's Manual


  • Dedicated time lapse camera
  • Unbelievable battery life
  • Time lapse software is best in class
  • Optional 2X or wide angle lenses (sold separately)


  • No night detection/pictures

Trailcampro Analysis

The Plotwatcher Pro trail camera is a dedicated time lapse camera.  This camera does not detect game, it takes photos at a predetermined time interval (set by you, the user).  For this reason, we are writing the review a little differently than normal.  We will not have our typical star rating system because it is impossible to compare this camera to your more typical trail cameras. 

The biggest advantage to a time lapse camera is there is no detection circuit.  The detection range is only limited by how far the camera can see.  You can literally scout an entire field with one, well-placed Plotwatcher Pro.

Along those same lines, a huge advantage of the Plotwatcher Pro trail camera is not only being able to see the wildlife up close but in many cases, you can watch the animals (in this case we will use deer) walk away.  This is valuable data to collect for patterning wildlife.

Programming the camera is a breeze, programming takes place on a 2.5" LCD display screen on the inside of the camera.  You can adjust the time interval from 1 second all the way to 60 minutes.  You can use this for scouting wildlife, security surveillance or even something like a close-up of a flower blooming.

The battery life on the Plotwatcher Pro trail camera has greatly impressed us.  Day 6 claims 4 months of battery life and they are just about dead on (depending on the photos taken).
We set our Plotwatcher trail camera for pictures every 10 seconds and after six months our camera was still going strong.  Compared to past time lapse cameras, this is simply incredible.

Another impressive aspect of the camera is the software that comes with the camera.  It is called Game Finder 1.4 and it is unbelievable.  Sorting through hundreds or even thousands of photos takes mere minutes.  Here is a screenshot:

Gamefinder software for Plotwatcher Pro

You can play the pictures by speed (sorting through the photos at 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X).  You can literally sort through an entire day's pictures in 60 seconds.  If you would rather search for motion, the software can do that as well.  It will skip to the next photo that has an object (animal/person) in it.

If you want to save or download a photo or a block of time, you can save either one picture at a time or blocks of 50, 100 or 200 pictures.  You can save the pictures in their Game Finder Video Clip (.TLV file) or .WMV files.  If saving only a single photo, it will save in .JPG in 1075 x 768. 

You can also purchase additional camera lenses, either a 2X or a wide angle lens.  This could be quite beneficial for a variety of camera traps stations you may run across.

The camera is rated to take up to a 32 Gig SD card.  On 10 second intervals, the camera requires 864 megabytes of storage for a single days use.  With a32 gig SD card, you can have the camera out for 38 days before needing to switch SD cards.

There is also the option to buy thePlotwatcher Pro Lens Kit.  This comes with a Telephoto 37mm lens and a Wide Angle AF37mm lens.

In conclusion, this is an unbelievably efficient, easy to use and effective camera for wildlife scouting, daytime security, or time-lapse nature photography.  Without hesitation, we recommend this camera for nearly every situation imaginable.  The Plotwatcher Pro trail camera blew away our original expectations (built largely based on the previous Plotwatcher camera from 2011 that was not nearly as impressive).  As a time-lapse camera, the Plotwatcher Pro has no peer.



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