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It's that time of year again. Here in Springfield, Missouri, temperatures are well below freezing at night and it is going to get worse. On windy days, the walk from the car to the warmth of a building is hard enough! 

Who in the world wants to run trailcams in cold weather???

Actually, I do! Winter is the best time for my favorite animal pictures.... Predators!

predator on trailcam

I know most folks are interested in trail cameras for deer, primarily buck pictures. However, switch it up a little bit this winter and go after coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, badgers, wolverines, etc. I think you will find it a nice change of pace and keeps you active through the cold and dreary months. Continue reading for my exclusive cold weather camera tips!

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cold weather trail camera picture

Tips for Running Trail Cameras in Cold Weather

  1. Use Lithium batteries. We are putting our Lithium batteries on sale for a short time only, just so you can get some batteries in time for the cold weather.
  2. Have 2 SD cards per camera. Get to the camera, swap the cards and keep going. You'll leave less scent in the area but more importantly, it's cold! Get you fingers back in your warm gloves and keep moving.
  3. Get creative with your setups. Find a fox den or a log crossing over a stream. We've seen great images when a camera is placed over a carcass you find in the woods. 
  4. Extreme temperatures require extreme trail cameras. If you live in an area that hosts sub-zero temperatures, chances are the less expensive trail cameras aren't going to cut it. They usually stop working somewhere between 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit. If this sounds like you, then you need to start budgeting for Reconyx cameras for sale. Yes, they are expensive, but you'll still be using it ten years from now. This isn't a sales pitch, but if you need something that works down to -20 or -40 this is your only option.

Long story short, don't put your trail cameras away in the cold weather! Let's all freeze our toes off this year together and have some snowy pictures to share when Spring rolls around!


bobcat in snow

Eagle landing in snow

Elk in the mountains

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Kevin Horton

Kevin Horton

I live in Michigan and it gets old her in the winter from December to about April, March area. I have a wild game innovations trail camera out right now and was wondering what is the coldest temp these cameras can with stand?

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