We test & review scouting cameras.  It's what we do & it’s all we do.  While trail cameras are just one of hundreds of categories offered at other stores, game & trail cameras are the only category at Trailcampro.  Our game camera experts dedicate 100% of their time testing and reviewing trail cameras to help you find the best trail camera.  Most trail camera manufacturers send their game camera prototypes to Trailcampro for an in-depth analysis prior to production.  Our engineers provide immediate feedback so manufacturers can provide the best game trail cameras to the buying public. And when trail camera production runs hit the market, Trailcampro will be the first to make sure production scouting cameras meet or exceed the specifications of prototype game cameras.

Rest assured, when you contact Trailcampro you’ll be talking to a game camera expert.


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Whether you're looking for a hunting camera to pattern a big buck or buying a camera trap to finish your wildlife research project, we'll help you find the perfect game trail camera for your specific needs.

We share our trail cam experience and knowledge with our game camera buying guides,  trail camera reviews and scouting camera tests.

If you purchase a game camera at Trailcampro we'll back it up with our 90-Day Return Policy and 2-Year Warranty.  Owning a trailcam is a fun and rewarding experience. We look forward to being your go-to Game Camera Store.

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What should you look for when searching for your next hunting camera? The best trail cameras first and foremost take great pictures.  Next, you'll want to look for a game trail camera which does an excellent job of detecting animals.  Photo quality doesn't come into play if your camera never triggers. Additionally, battery life is critical.  Every one of our trail camera reviews provides sample photos, precise detection data & lists the number of days a specific model will last in the field.    

Whether you are searching for hunting cameras for your Whitetail Deer property, or camera traps for a research project, our trail camera reviews can weed out the under-performers and help you pick the best game trail camera for your budget.

Need help?  Call us and talk to a Trail Camera Pro, Mon-Fri 9-5 EST.  1-800-791-0660

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