Trailcampro trail camera tests

2016 Detection Shootout

In the Detection Shootout, a test subject walks parallel to the test cameras from each direction at 10 foot intervals.  This continues out to 110 feet.  

Each camera was awarded a point for each full picture (greater than 60% of the body) of the test subject captured on each pass.  We also recorded empty and partial pictures to compute an efficiency rating for each camera.  

Overall Score - The total number of pictures the camera took with the person completely inside the field of view.

Efficiency Rating - The efficiency rating is simply the percentage of pictures which captured a valid image (60% or greater) of the test subject relative to the total number of images taken (valid + partial + empty).

This rating has no bearing on how we ranked the cameras, this is just for your convenience.

Detection Range - The furthest distance the camera detected during the Detection Shootout. 

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