2017 Winter Trail Camera Contest - Predator Trailcam Photos

Welcome to our 1st ever Winter Trail Camera Contest! Don't put your trail cameras away just because the weather got cold, this is when you can capture some of your best images!

Winter Photo/Video Contest - Predator Game Camera Pictures & Videos

This contest rewards those of you who brave the frigid weather to continue your pursuit of that perfect trail camera photo. 

coyote picture

Highlights of the Contest:

  • You can enter a picture or video (one entry per person)
  • The video or picture MUST be of a carnivorous predator
  • Picture or video has to be time stamped from January 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2017

How to Enter:

  • Send your photo or video to info@trailcampro.com (you can send large files via Dropbox or Google Drive if too large to send by email)
  • Include name, phone number, location and trail camera used
  • You can send your entry anytime from now until March 31st, 2017


During the first week of April, the Trailcampro Staff will select the top video and the top photo from the contest. The winners will receive the new 2017 Browning Strike Force 850 HD.


Examples of Carnivorous predators include cougars, foxes, tigers, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, hawks, coyotes, mountain lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, etc. 


Pictures will be uploaded as they come in.


 trailcam picture of two hawks Bobcat and Deer faceoff hawk photo

1.  Chris Eastman, New York

Covert Code Black

2. Jamie Wilkerson, Arkansas

Primos Proof Cam 02

Anne-Marie Elkins, Washington

Bushnell Essential E2


Mountain Lion Predator Fox in Snow

 fox in snow

4. Bob Lund, Washington

Bushnell Essential E2

5. Herb Labus, Tennessee

Browning Dark Ops Elite

 6. Mark Tade, Missouri

Primos Proof Cam 02

red-tailed hawk in Indiana Wolf in Alaska Bobcat in front of game trailcamera

7. Robert Reber, Indiana

Bushnell Trail Camera

8.  Darin Belger, Alaska

Browning Strike Force

9.  John Schaus, New York

Browning Strike Force



Fox in Winter

Bald Eagle attack

Coyote with fresh kill.

10.  James Maples, Virginia

Bushnell Trophy Cam

11.  Lonnie English, Illinois

Moultrie A1-7a

12.  Marty Turner, Tennessee

Browning Trail Camera

Bobcat on a Covert Scouting Camera Stealth Cam Eagle Photo buckeye trailcam

13.  Zach Polaske, Wisconsin

Covert Illuminator

14.  Brandon Stone, Pennsylvania

Stealth Cam

15.  Winston Zimmerman, Pennsylvania

Buckeye Orion

wgi trailcam wolf on trail camera Moultrie game camera picture

16.  Seth Meyers, New York

Wildgame Innovations

17. Dean Bennett, Wisconsin

2016 Browning Strike Force Elite

18.  Deanna Swink, Kentucky

Moultrie Game Camera

Bobcat in winter Deer and Bobcat standoff

19. Jedd Medin, California

Stealth Cam

20.  Mike Stringham, Iowa

Browning Dark Ops Elite

21. Jibber Arbaugh, West Virginia

Wildgame Trail Camera

22. Terry Long, Illinois

Reconyx HC600

23. Ken Emmons, New Jersey

Bushnell Camera

24. Brady Hilbert, Pennsylvania

Browning Trail Camera


25. Andrea Haas, Missouri


26. Randy Schraeder, Iowa


27. Mark O'Dell




28. Joseph McGaha, Alabama

Reconyx HC550

29. Jayce Malone

Primos Proof Cam 01

 30. Bob Kozicki, Kansas



31. Andrew Tuggle, Missouri

HCO Scoutguard SG560

32. Josh McKnight, Indiana

Moultrie Game Camera

33. Mark Fontana, Illinois

Moultrie Camera

34. Joe Miehe, Georgia

Bushnell Essential E2

35. Vince Pawless, Texas

Wildgame Camera

36. Chris King, North Carolina


37. Kyle Leonard, Iowa

Browning Strike Force

38. Kevin Proulx, Michigan


39. Jake Drew, Wisconsin

Covert Scouting Camera





40. Eugene Baker, New York

Bushnell Aggressor Wireless

41. Jesse Dauphin, Alabama

Browning Spec Ops Platinum

42. Robert Rambo, South Carolina

Browning Strike Force



43. Gary Kraszewski, Wisconsin


44. Tom O'Brien, New York

HCO Scoutguard SG565

45. Matthew Lang, Wisconsin


46. Kenneth Yarber, Missouri

Covert Illuminator

47. Tyler Brunton, Virginia

Moultrie A20i

48. Robby Young, Pennsylvania

Moultrie Game Camera


49. Carter England, Alabama


50. Kathleen Cheatham, Arizona


51. Jeff Czajkowski, New York






52. Ross Weaver, Georgia


53. Karen Tetrault, Massachusetts

Moultrie Game Camera 

 54. Brent Hemly, Minnesota


55. Alex, Florida


56. Jeff Krueger, Wisconsin

Moultrie M80

57. Sally Naser, Massachusetts

Reconyx XR6





58. Selah Tenney, Oregon

Reconyx PC900

59. MattWesolowski, New York

Browning Strike Force 

60. Matthew Pudenz, Iowa


Videos will be uploaded as they come in.

1. Gene Cox, Georgia

Browning Strike Force Elite

2.  Virginia Fifield, California

Bushnell Trail Camera

3. Anthony Miles, Georgia

Primos Proof Cam 03

4.  Luke Farrell, Quebec

Browning Dark Ops

5.  Landon Valenta, Wisconsin

Bushnell Essential E2

6. Stephan Andersen, Germany

Browning Recon Force

7. Scott Christenson, Wisconsin

2016 Browning Dark Ops

8.  Douglas Muri, Arizona

9. Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania

Browning Spec Ops

10. Adam Adank, Wisconsin

Browning Recon Force

11. William Armstrong, West Virginia

Browning Strike Force Elite

12. Andrea Galizzi, Italy

Bushnell Natureview



13. Jim Rockwell, Ohio

Primos Proof Cam

14. Robert Dreher, Maine

Bushnell Trophy Cam 

15. Heidi Page, UK 16. Samuel Maria, Brazil

17. John Brzoza, Vermont

Browning Dark Ops Elite

18. Leslie Patten, Wyoming

Reconyx XR6

19. Jason Lucas, Michigan


20. Jarrod Love, Ohio




21. Aga Zakoscielna, Norway

Stealth Cam

22. Marianne Mikalsen, Norway 

23. Aaron Todd, Wyoming

Reconyx XR6

24. Tom Marchant, Virginia

Moultrie M880