2019 Winter Predator Photo Contest

2019 Winter Photo/Video Contest - Predator Game Camera Pictures & Videos

This contest rewards those of you who brave the frigid weather to continue your pursuit of that perfect trail camera photo. 


Highlights of the Contest:

  • You can enter a picture or video (one entry per person)
  • The video or picture MUST be of a carnivorous predator
  • Picture or video has to be time stamped from January 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2019. Pictures from 2018 and earlier will not be entered.

How to Enter:

  • Send your photo or video to info@trailcampro.com (you can send large files via Dropbox or Google Drive if it is too large to send by email)
  • Include name, phone number, location, and trail camera used
  • You can send your entry any time from now until March 31st, 2019
  • Do not edit or alter the photo/video. Please send the raw file


During the first week of April, the Trailcampro Staff will select the top video and the top photo from the contest. The winners will receive 20,000 TCP points ($200 value)! 

Examples of Carnivorous predators include cougars, foxes, tigers, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, hawks, coyotes, mountain lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, etc. 

Pictures will be uploaded as they come in. Please allow for 3-4 business days for upload

1. R. Harina, Washington 2. Kevin Hendricks, Louisiana 3. Chris Sexton, Ohio
4. Guy Nelson, Ohio 5. Gary Stewart, California 6. Dave Black, Virginia
7. Joe Gliozzo, Ohio 8. Tom Malone, New York 9. Thomas Scronce, North Carolina
10. Paul Olynk, New York 11. Jerry Rowlette 12. Jake Drew, Wisconsin
13. Alessio Caccia, Switzerland 14. Emery Lamunyon, Oklahoma 15. Glenn Molusky, Pennsylvania
16. J. Badach, Georgia 17. Jarrod Love, Ohio 18. Joe Benne, Missouri
19. Mike Buynie, New Jersey 20. Maurice Guilbault, Ontario 21. Scott Castine, Vermont
22. Matt Beggs, Iowa 23. Mary Becker, Maine 24. Karen Tetrault, Massachusetts
25. Fredrick Hodgdon, Vermont 26. Cameron Cook, Alberta 27. Robert Pierson
28. Troy Krout, Pennsylvania 29. Alex Lourash, Illinois 30. Brady Barr, Costa Rica
31. Nick Hamstra, Illinois 32. Brian Champnella, Illinois 33. Alan Bliss, Iowa
34. Shelley Bishop, Iowa 35. Dean McKinnon, Washington 36. Andy Slack, Tennessee
37. Lisa Bliss, Iowa 38. Michael Homola, Pennsylvania 39. Jordan Luongo, North Carolina
40. Jason Blaxton, Alabama 41. Donnie Acheson, Iowa 42. Susan Lawrence, Nova Scotia
43. Harvey Lemire, Ohio 44. Bobby Degnan, Alabama 45. Anthony, Georgia
46. Lonnie English 47. Patrick Goetz, New York 48. Scott Sides, North Carolina
49. Sam Emfinger, Alabama 50. Richard Jeffrey and Robin Harina, Washington 51. Peter Gottschling, Texas
52. Mike Nielsen, Idaho 53. Mike, Ohio 54. Michael Naylor, Maryland
55. Mark Tade, Missouri 56. Mark McDonald, Georgia 57. Krissy Dennis, Pennsylvania
58. Justin Compton, Costa Rica 59. Justin Cammidge 60. Justin, Ontaio
61. Dennis Money, New York 62. Dave Minnich, Pennsylvania 63. Chris Ducote, Louisiana
64. Andrae Dacquisto, Iowa 65. Zac Tuthill, California 66. Tom Mortenson, Florida
67. Susan Lapham, California 68. Stan Lewis, Colorado 69. Matt DeGolyer, Indiana
70. Duston Larsen, Bolivia 71. Delmar Ritter, Pennsylvania 72. Nick, Bolivia
73. R Langille, Canada 74. Lee Taylor, Mississippi 75. Larry Galloway, Iowa
76. Josh Deal, Minnesota 77. F Perron, Quebec 78. Dave Kipling, Missouri
79. Dan Rennock, Wisconsin 80. Constance Krtek, California 81. Chuck Jennes, Connecticut
82. Cassie Love, Ohio 83. Bruce Krtek, California 84. B. Languille, Canada
85. Austin Bergan, Iowa 86. Anai Cristina Holzmann, Bolivia 87. Aaron Brandt, Missouri
88. W. Langille, Canada 89. Steve Cowling 90. Derek Norman, Michigan
91. Karen Causseaux, Florida

Videos will be uploaded as they come in. Please allow for 3-4 business days for upload

1. Herb Labus, Tennessee 2. Dan Sedore, Connecticut
3. Diane Leveille, Massachusetts 4. Stephen Dighton, Massachusetts
5. Max Wolfe, Oregon 6. Brendan Hourigan, Texas
7. Thomas Mattis, Pennsylvania 8. Michael Pahl, Indiana
9. Chris Schultz, South Carolina 10. Virginia Fifield, California
11. Regina Kijak, Minnesota 12. Scott Hay, British Columbia
13. Jean-Claude Kock, Switzerland 14. Rob Fader, New York
15. David Linn, Washington 16. Jack Widness, Vermont
17. Bill Klunk, Pennsylvania 18. Bob Dreher, Maine
19. Byron Gibbs, Pennsylvania 20. Celeste Walz
21. Charles Randall, Colorado 22. David Dennis, Pennsylvania
23. Donna Hampton, Florida 24. Jen Baucom, North Carolina
25. Norm Phillips, California 26. Sekar Balasubramanian, Costa Rica
27. Todd Edwards, Georgia 28. Dave Kent, California
29. Ron Paynter, Georgia 30. Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania
31. James Najimy, Massachusetts 32. Jeff Kuebelbeck, Minnesota
33. Jim Hunter, Arizona 34. Judy Sterner, Pennsylvania
35. Keith Stevens, Oregon 36. Maaike Middleton, Montana
37. Nick Ray, Colorado 38. Jason Lucas, Michigan