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2020 Winter Photo Contest

2020 Winter Photo/Video Contest - Predator Game Camera Pictures & Videos

This contest rewards those of you who brave the frigid weather to continue your pursuit of that perfect trail camera photo. 

How to Enter:


During the first week of April, the Trailcampro Staff will select the top video and the top photo from the contest. The winners will each receive 20,000 TCP points ($200 value)! Winning picture and video will be chosen based on quality of video and the unique animal behavior displayed.

Examples of Carnivorous predators include cougars, foxes, tigers, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, hawks, coyotes, mountain lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, etc. 

Pictures will be uploaded within 3-5 days of submission.

1. David Graverson, Wisconsin 2. Bruce Barnes, Georgia 3. Raymond Perry, North Carolina
4. Chad Yates, Iowa 5. Bob Mica, Connecticut 6. Mike Chaffin, Virginia
7. Steve Bain, Australia 8. Jeffrey Bulecheck, Iowa 9. Jason Ledgerwood, Missouri
10. Curt Varone, Rhode Island 11. Gene Lytle, California 12. Nick Myhre, Minnesota
13. Mitch Zastrow, Wisconsin 14. Juanita Reynard, Iowa 15. Dreabon Joiner, Texas
16. Adam Fusco, Tennessee 17. Warren Watkins, California 18. Shaun Sullivan, Michigan
19. Paul Colby, Massachusetts 20. Paul Shamblin, Oklahoma 21. Mike Gilmore, Georgia
22. Jeff Brown, Virginia 23. Tom Gall, Iowa 24. Eric Landau, New Jersey
25. Dustin Baudhuin, Wisconsin 26. David Gibbs, Pennsylvania 27. Chuck Conzatti, Pennsylvania
28. Bill Carter, Ontario 29. Adam Boysen, Iowa 30. Richard Knight, Missouri
31. Matt Davis, Pennsylvania 32. Sherry Chandler, Illinois 33. Fred Lucas, Illinois
34. Doug Tabor, Illinois
1. Leland Yarbrough, Washington 2. Herb Labus, Tennessee
3. Joseph Edelstein, Ohio 4. Joseph Garris Sr., New Jersey
5. Nadav Eyal, Israel 6. Paul Lairdm, Pennsylvania
7. Shane Compton 8. Dennis Holcomb, Alabama
9. Robyn Sloan, Colorado 10. Jimmy Hayes, Iowa
11. Ken Wright, California